The Pyramid for Light: A Place To Reconnect With The Soul

Alex Orbito, a renowned minister known throughout the world for his miraculous healing work, is now looking to heal the planet. On November, 11, 2011, he will inaugurate the Pyramid for Light in the Philippines.

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According to Orbito, the vision for the project came from a recurrent childhood dream of a Pyramid filled with divine light where people could go to connect themselves with higher dimensions. Today, that vision is becoming reality as hundreds of people around the world are volunteering their time and energy to design and build the new Pyramid based on the principles of sacred geometry.

The Reverend Ruel Cazar The Reverend Ruel Cazar  

Alex Orbito manifests a live dove in the sacred cave close to where the Pyramid of Light is scheduled to be built. The dove symbolizes the healing energy of the White Lady.

The Pyramid for Light will be built near the Holy Cave in Pangasinan. According to Orbito, he first learned about the cave from his father in 1966. He visited twice and during his second visit he saw the White Lady or the Lady of Light, as she calls herself. It is by channelling her energy that he's been able to perform several miracles. More recently, he learned from her that the time for her to come out to extend her love and light around the world has arrived to help Mother Earth in her transformation process. Orbito believes that the Pyramid for Light is just the beginning… "This is the Mother and she will give birth to many other pyramids," he says.

A team of volunteering architects and geo-biologists have discovered powerful energy points each vibrating on a different colour frequency and a unique point of golden, platinum and sacred laylines crossing on which the Pyramid is being built. The site will therefore include a seven-station chakra path corresponding to the seven chakras. Visitors will be instructed to walk through these points as a means of building up their tolerance for energy to be properly prepared and aligned by the pyramid's divine light. When viewed on a map, these energy points form the shape of a fetus, proof of the center's higher purpose to bring greater balance to the world's male and female energies.

The organizers further note the significance of the completion date channelled by the White Lady: 11/11/11. Note the presence of the number 1. "If we human beings allow the earth to be a paradise, to connect with our heart instead of our minds … we realize that we’re all one," says a Pyramid for Light spokesperson.

Support the Pyramid for Light in the following ways:

1. Make a donation. All amounts are welcome.
2. Help visualize its completion on Mondays at 21:30 hours (time zone in France).
3. Attend the November 11, 2011, inauguration. (Pilgrimage limited to 200 people.)

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