ISC celebrates the lives of the Mons. Marco Orbito, the Rev. Ruel Cazar, along with its 31st anniversary

The Reverend Ruel Cazar
Reverend Ruel Cazar and Family

The Interfaith Spiritual Church celebrated the lives of Mons. Marco Orbito and the Rev. Ruel Cazar in conjunction with its 31st anniversary, March 26-27. Held in the Philippines, the weekend-long celebration served as both of tribute to the monseigneur's 85th birthday and a memorial to honor the life of the late Rev. Ruel Cazar. A beloved minister known throughout the world for his miraculous healings and gentle teachings, the Rev. died at Riverside Memorial Hospital on July 5, 2010.

The Rev.'s wife, Elizabeth Alexander, and three-year-old daughter were in attendance. Elizabeth addressed the congregation in addition to sharing a video chronicling her late husband's life. For the past eight years, the reverend has been instrumental in establishing the teachings of the Philippines-based Interfaith Spiritual Church throughout the world. In addition to performing healings around the world, he twice represented the church at the Parliament of World Religions. The reverend was equally influential to the lives of his Filipino congregants.

According to Elizabeth, the Rev. received a message from God eight years ago that he had successfully completed his mission. In her eyes, his remaining years were a gift from God "so that he could be with us and continue his healing work." Indeed, this work has just begun. "Ruel's colleagues will continue his healing missing in the form of long-distance healings and customized spiritual pilgrimages to the Philippines," Elizabeth says.