Our Mission

The Philippines-based Interfaith Spiritual Church
The Philippines-based Interfaith Spiritual Church in San Miguel, San Manual, Tarlac

The Interfaith Spiritual Church is a non-denominational organization based on the acceptance and nurturance of all religions. Rooted in the teachings of the Bible, the church's primary mission is to offer spiritual support to people around the world, regardless of their religious affiliation. We believe all people were created equally and that the answer to salvation is love-of oneself, others and God. We offer support to spiritual communities worldwide in the form of food and monetary donations, educational lectures, faith healings and group prayer. We primarily teach the importance of faith and love to all spiritual practices. For, "Without love there is no salvation!"

Our Spiritual Journey

The Interfaith Spiritual Church was founded in 1980 through the visionary work of Monsignor Marcos L. Orbito. Born to a poor peasant family, Marcos was schooled in the Bible at an early age. Marcos later joined the Philippine Army where he served as a soldier during the Second World War and the devout driver to the country's seventh president, Ramon del Fierro Magsaysay. But in 1957, the president died in a tragic plane crash, filling the young Marcos with grief. Devastated, Marcos returned home where an elder from his church prophesized that he would become a famous singer who would serenade the world. The young man found this puzzling, as he didn't have much of a singing voice. But the old woman pressed on. She picked up a Bible and said, "This will be your instrument" and opening it and pointing to the words she said, "And these will be your songs."

Inspired, Marcos set out on a new path to become a preacher. From 1945 to 1977, he served as a preacher for the Union Espiritista Philipina. During this time, he enjoyed bell tower-crushing debates of the other Filipino religions and was actively involved with church management. But in 1977, Marcos and the church went their separate ways, forcing the preacher to redefine his spiritual journey. Suddenly, he remembered the old woman's prophecy. She had told him that, one day, he would be separated from a group he had come to love but that he would become instrumental in the formation of a new church. However, he would not serve as the church's leader but rather as a conduit for a religion that would embrace all others. Quoting Proverbs 8:1-2 in the Bible, she said, "Wisdom takes its stand on high ground, by the wayside where the roads meet." Shortly thereafter, the Interfaith Spiritual Church was born.

Six years had passed when the church caught the attention of Albert Cazar and his younger brother, Ruel, who had grown up listening to the Monsignor Orbito when he was a preacher at the Union Espiritista Philipina. It was Albert's dream to meet the Monsignor in person and so he and his brother traveled to where the new church was located in Tarlac. The boys soon formed a relationship with the esteemed minister and became members of the church. Shortly thereafter Ruel came to live with Monsignor Orbito and his wife, the Reverend Anita Orbito, for seven years. During this time, he studied the Bible, absorbed the church's teachings and began ministering to others, first in the Philippines, and later abroad as Monsignor Orbito's trusted colleague. In 1994, he became an international minister.

Though the future of the church has yet to be unveiled, Reverend Cazar has an idea of what it will be. In 1990, he received a vision of his ongoing role as a torchbearer of the church's light. He and his wife, Elizabeth Alexander, attended the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona in 2004, and are planning on attending the 2009 Parliament of World Religions in Australia. He and Monsignor Orbito will speak on their 30-year history of collaborating with spiritual groups around the world, including the Philippines own indigenous Aetas.

"My greatest prayer in life has always been to walk in the footsteps of the Monsignor Orbito. Today, I am all the more closer to that dream but we still have a lot of work to do in terms of spreading his teachings-the teachings of the Bible and the Lord Jesus Christ."